Old Gold Miner Megaways™ - pragmatic play

Game Description (for Players)

In an old mining cart clanking away on the rusted tracks, deep in the underground of a mine shaft we find the latest slot release from Pragmatic Play, Old Gold Miner Megaways!
With a Mole, Dog, oil lamp and tools to get you to the nuggets that lie within, all you need now is the details to get playing. Set on a 7×6 grid reel, framed in wood with the background a realistic
underground workspace where gold nuggets are waiting to be found!
With the powerful Megaways engine on your side you’re spoilt with opportunities to win in this latest slot release!

Game Information

• Appears on all reels on LowRTP reel sets
• Is absent on Hight RTP reel sets
• Is absent on top row
• Scatter combination awards are multiplied by the total bet

• Appears on reels 2,3,4,5,6 on High RTP reel sets
• Is absent on LowRTP reel sets
• Appears on top row
• Does not pay
• Substitutes all regular symbols
• All Ways wins having WILD get multiplied by 2

Pay Direction:
• Ways
• Left to right
• Winning symbols will be destroyed, and new symbols will fall down
to fill the voids, for more chances to win
• New symbols are taken from reels
• Combination wins are multiplied by the ways multiplier for Free
• For Base Game, ways multiplier is 1

Mystery symbols
• There are 3 Mystery symbols on the reels: Mystery1, Mystery2, Mystery 3
• These will all change into a different Symbol according to the weight
• The same symbol cannot be selected for different Mystery symbols
• These symbols should transform before the reels have landed, so the
player does not see

• Tumbling is done independently on top row and normal screen
• The direction of tumbling is the same as a direction of the spin
• Tumbling is done up to down for regular screen, up to down for top

Buy Feature
• To purchase feature player need 100 x TotalBet
• Buy Feature is only possible on default bet (20 credits)
• Error is returned if try to purchase on Ante Bet (25 credits)
• The player will spin once with special reels. These reels will have 3
[SCATTER] dropped on
• Top of the reels before being spun.
• Only one [SCATTER] per reel can be added.
• The player will be paid for this spin, then enter the FG

Ante Bet
• The cost to the player is 25 credits instead of 20.
• Before every spin, the player can choose to pay extra credits for the spin.
• This will give the player a higher chance to trigger the Free Games Feature

Free Game Feature
• 3 or more [SCATTER] trigger the Free Games Feature.
• Before entering the Free Games, a Wheel is spun to get: 1) Number of
FreeSpins Awarded and 2) FreeSpinMultiplier
• ALL wins (ways and Scatter) are multiplied by the FreeSpinMultiplier.
• Before beginning FG round, a choice is made between using SuperHigh
FreeSpin Weights or Normal FreeSpin Weights for reels. Once chosen, it’s
fixed for that Free Game Round.
• Landing 3 or more [SC] will re-trigger the free games feature.
• Players only get 1 spin of the wheel and are awarded whatever
combination of Number of FreeSpins and FreeSpinMultiplier that it lands on.
Both values are added to current values. E.i. if current multiplier is 3 and
multiplier on the Wheel is 5 final multiplier is 8 (3 + 5)